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rural counts web addressThe Rural Center has released its first-ever comprehensive advocacy agenda,
Rural Counts: 10 Strategies for North Carolina's Future.

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Rural Center impacts from the mountains to the coast
loan impacts

2015 was an incredible year for the Rural Center. Among the highlights: $8 million in loans and investments; more than 1,100 hours of microenterprise training; nearly 3,000 hours of leadership training and 1,500 jobs created. Download our 2015 Impacts Report to learn more.





Rural/urban coalitions highlighted during election season

2012 election cartogramSometimes when we see data from a different perspective, patterns emerge that give us new insights on strategies and partnerships.
North Carolina is growing rapidly, but unevenly. Our strongest metropolitan regions, Charlotte and the Triangle, have increasing demographic and economic dominance. For rural leaders, this has serious policy consequences. Of the 80 rural counties, 48 have lost population between 2010 and 2014. We must counter this by building coalitions and partnerships with urban and suburban stakeholders. Read more.