AT&T – Goldsboro

As part of AT&T’s initiative to bring jobs back from overseas, it decided to locate a new technical support call center for its broadband customers in the United States. After reviewing more than 3,600 sites across the country, the company decided on a former grocery store in Goldsboro that offered plenty of parking and a large, open space that could be easily upfitted.



Wayne County received a $300,000 Building Reuse and Restoration grant in 2007 to help cover general repairs and the installation of carpeting, doors and cabinetry. The center now employs 400 full-time staff members and plans to hire 80 more in the near future.



Within its first six months of operation, the call center was recognized by AT&T as its leading call center worldwide in terms of customer satisfaction.

Other service-related projects

River Textile Services

Rutherford County

River Textile Services, a startup laundry company, located its operations in a vacant building in Rutherford County. The project is designed to create 40 jobs. Grant amount: $480,000

Galexe Pharma Services

Caldwell County

A vacant manufacturing facility was renovated to house the headquarters and research center of Galexe Pharma Sciences, a pharmaceutical company. The project is expected to create 40 jobs. Grant amount: $400,000